Fashion Employers

The fashion industry in the 21stcentury is highly competitive, but break into this industry and you could have an exciting and varied career ahead of you. Carefully selecting who you work for plays a big role in your success, not to mention your happiness in your chosen career. Today there are more fashion brands than ever before, so who should you work for, and what are the benefits? Read on to discover the top London based fashion employers, that can offer great career progression and/or amazing company benefits…


Fashion Employers

ASOS has been named as the best company to work for in the UK in 2018. With offices in London and Birmingham, employees of ASOS are said to be creative and have an entrepreneurial attitude. ASOS are said to offer good work life balance, an above average rate of pay and a variety of benefits, including five weeks holiday plus your birthday off every year.


Since appointing its new chief executive, Gucci has experienced an impressive turnaround thanks to Marco Bizzarri’s belief in transparency and focus on communication. In 2016, the brands revenue grew by 21%, which was double what was expected. The new CEO is said to be an excellent leader and communicator, and knows the value of providing employees with a great work-life balance and the support they need in their roles.

Paul Smith

Fashion Employers

With head quarters in London, Paul Smith has been going strong since 1970. Paul Smith is said to prioritize and encourage creativity in its employees, and focuses on building a great company culture and providing benefits to its staff. 75% of previous employees said they approve of the CEO, while 80% said they would recommend Paul Smith as an employer to a friend.

Sophie Hulme

As the winner of numerous awards, accessories and bag brand Sophie Hulme are said to be ever expanding. The company is said to offer great support to its employees, with healthy working relationships and networking made easy. In addition, the brand is encouraging of each employees input, and is always open to feedback and new ideas.


Fashion Employers

With offices in London, Adidas are well known for their future forward approach to business. With a keen eye for tech and growing digital trends, Adidas are often one step ahead of the rest when it comes to innovation in the industry. Adidas say they offer careers with out boarders, and are known to have great career progression, allowing their employees to shape their own paths within the company.


H&M originally started with just one store in Sweden. As an employer, it has a democratic, high-performance culture, with many roles available in the UK, specifically in London. There’s a lot of focus on team work, but at H&M this doesn’t stand in the way of individual career progression, as employees are encouraged to reach their full potential, and work their way up the company.


Fashion Employers

Based in central London, Farfetch works on employee feedback, to continuously improve their experience for their team. While the company pays well, it does not believe that money is the number one motivation of people. It uses a semi-annual employee engagement survey to determine what people are most motivated by, and uses the results to continue to provide a better work experience for its employees. In addition, all team members are given a share of the company, which equates to a $40 million investment.

London has an endless list of fashion brands, but when it comes to choosing who to work for, it pays to do your research, to help you get ahead in your career.